25 January 2023

The experts of the Research and Development Center of KAMAZ started implementing the Unmanned Logistics Corridors project under which driverless cargo transportation is to be piloted on the M11 Neva Federal Highway.

KAMAZ PTC continues working in high-tech industries. Despite sanctions, the company makes headway in executing strategic projects and ensuring Russia’s technological sovereignty. Now the Russian top truck manufacturer is preparing for test-drive of unmanned vehicles on the M11 Neva Highway.

At the end of December last year, two vehicles KAMAZ-54901 and KAMAZ-54907 drove on this motorway and scanned the road. The development of a high-precision digital map of the road is currently under way. The map will help the robot truck to take a certain position with accuracy of several centimeters. It ensures safe driving, careful maneuvers and faultless prediction of both self-actions and other road users’ actions.

The high-precision map will also offer the vehicle all data about the road infrastructure: signs, lights, weather stations, bridges, junctions, curbs, ramps, etc. All this gives the truck an opportunity to plan correct moves on the road when taking maneuvers.

Besides, the self-driving transport means continue being tested in Tatarstan, on the routes Naberezhnye Chelny – Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny – Nizhnekamsk. Regular trips of two vehicles on the motorway are scheduled to start from this March. In the third quarter, another three vehicles are to join them.