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Meeting of Russian Association of Foundrymen at KAMAZ

19 May 2017

Today, May 19, a visiting session of the Russian Association of Foundrymen (RAF) occasioned with the 25th anniversary fr om the RAF estagblishment and the 15th birthday of Russian Foundryman Magazine is coming to an end at the premises of the Foundry of KAMAZ PTC (part of Rostec State Corporation).  

The two-day event gathered more than 40 people: chairmen of RAF's regional offices, members of the association, representatives of foundry enterprises of Volga District, and experts of KAMAZ's Foundry. 

On the first day of the session, May 18, a plenary meeting took place where Ivan Dibrov, President of the Russian Association of Foundrymen, delivered a speech on the results of the company's activities for 25 years. To add to this, they discussed a foundry development strategy till 2020, which the core group of the Association will start developing in the near future, and industry tendencies till 2030. Besides, they touched upon issues of the arrangement and conduct of the XIII Session of Foundrymen and the Foundry 2017 International Exhibition which will pass in Chelyabinsk fr om 18 to 22 September.  

One of the central issues on the agenda was a series of reports made by the Foundry experts on developments at KAMAZ production. The participants of the meeting highly appreciated the experience KAMAZ's foundrymen shared with them.

Today, May 19, the guests are going to visit the iron casting shop and KAMAZ-Autosport Center wh ere they can familiarize themselves with the history and production of racing trucks of the famous KAMAZ-master team. 

The Russian Association of Foundrymen was established in 1992. For the present moment, RAF consists of 46 regional deivisions, 12 scientific and technical Committees for all process stages of foundry engineering headed by Russia's top scientists and experts. It is a member of BRICS Foundry Association.