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25 April 2018

The foundry finished preproduction of castings for a supplier of drawbars for KAMAZ trucks.

The plant started producing castings for these units as far back as 2016. It was at that time when the first stack of castings which included a mechanism case and a bell head was produced. The new stack of castings is the same bell head and two mechanism cases, but of a different modification and design. Castings of the second stack are not inferior to those from the first one in their complexity, and, thanks to the work done in 2016, the second stack is being developed without undue risks. There are already trial pieces to be shown to the customer.

"Developing a production technology, we faced the main problem – how to get required dimensional precision of castings," said Vitaly Martemyanov, Deputy Head of the Technological Department, Iron Casting. "This customer makes strict demands on casting dimensions – the acceptable error is 0.5 mm. In general, both Russian and foreign foundries cast in green sand molds for the auto industry with an allowance of 1 mm. Besides, this company guarantees its clients high resistance of mechanisms to stress. It means that we had to ensure the same highest resistance of our castings too."

KAMAZ's foundry workers took a little bit more than six months to do this most difficult work. The whole casting technology was developed from scratch. The desired mechanical properties were achieved due to the special alloy VCH-40 that meets strength requirements. The trial batch of blanks was shown to the client. The trial mechanic processing was conducted successfully, and already in 2017 the plant started scheduled deliveries of castings. Next in turn is another order.