12 September 2023

At the international exhibition Comtrans 2023, KAMAZ presented a new product in the passenger transport segment – the KAMAZ-4290 medium-sized bus.

Having won the top position in the market of large-class buses and electric buses, the company is targeting new segments to offer Russian customers the KAMAZ-4290 middle-class bus. The company’s engineers have been designing it for several years, studying best practices, expecting that the new KAMAZ product would surpass market analogues by consumer properties. The KAMAZ-4290 bus is not a shortened version of a large class bus, but is developed on its own platform. This approach made the bus exterior better and enabled to sel ect the optimal assembly base for the 9 m long vehicle weighing 13 tonnes.

The medium-sized bus was developed with account of modern requirements for passenger comfort and safety. There is a no-step entrance for passengers to bus and debus easily. There is an automatic kneeling system. When the doors are opened, the body itself tilts towards the sidewalk. The requirements for the transportation of all categories of passengers are taken into account. The KAMAZ-4290 bus complies with the “Accessible Environment” program and is adapted for transporting passengers with limited mobility. A mechanical ramp is installed in the area of the middle door, and a wheelchair parking space is provided in the passenger compartment. There is a wide storage area in the center of the bus. Its size is not inferior to that of a large class bus.

The bus is powered by a four-cylinder diesel engine KAMAZ 445.520 of its own production, which is optimal in terms of power (154 kW) and fuel efficiency. The engine is installed in the rear overhang, which is a typical arrangement for medium and large class buses. This design makes the power unit and transmission compact and isolates the engine from the passenger compartment. The bus is equipped with an independent front suspension for a smooth ride. The six-speed automatic transmission has an integrated torque converter to maximize brake pad life. It's no secret that the main advantage of a bus with an automatic transmission is its simplicity and ease of operation, which makes driving in cities with busy streets much easier. An electronic braking system equipped with ABS and directional stability is responsible for braking safety. As for the working brakes, they are disc. Thanks to its short wheelbase of 4.5 m, the KAMAZ-4290 has high maneuverability, which is very comfortable for working on urban routes.

KAMAZ PTC is focused on components and assemblies of its own production in order to ensure the sanctions resistance of products and strengthen technological sovereignty. The bus already uses a KAMAZ axle taking the maximum load of 8 tonnes. A gas bus will also be built on the same platform.

Traditionally, the company's engineers pay great attention to the ergonomics of the driver's workplace. The workplace interface is logical and intuitive. All function keys and buttons are within reach; a fleeting glance is enough to read instrument readings. The instrument panel is combined: between the speedometer and tachometer wells there is an electronic display of the on-board computer. The menu control is on the left spoke of the steering wheel, and under the right hand is the audio system volume control. To reduce driver fatigue, an air-suspended seat with an up and down adjustable headrest and backrest is installed. The steering column is adjustable for tilt and reach. In terms of convenience, the workplace is not inferior to a modern passenger car. The driver's partition can be varied in design: open and completely separating the driver's workplace from the passenger compartment. There are also no questions about visibility: a large glazing area and thin partitions are a solution.

The KAMAZ medium-sized bus provides functionality comparable to large-class buses, due to which it has better specific efficiency indicators. An economical engine and high capacity with compact dimensions make KAMAZ-4290 medium-sized buses ideal for small and medium-sized cities. The bus can accommodate 70 passengers, with 25 seats plus space for a wheelchair user. In the basic configuration, the bus is already equipped with an electronic passenger information system, rear-wheel drive mirrors with electrical adjustment fr om the driver’s workplace, and LED interior lighting. It is possible to equip the bus with air conditioning.

The start of sales of KAMAZ-4290 buses in diesel configuration is scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2023. The gas modification of the bus will appear in the third quarter of 2024.