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Two Hundred KAMAZ Trucks for ITECO

11 August 2017

KAMAZ-LEASING concluded another contract with ITEKO transport company ITECO. Under the agreement, 200 KAMAZ-5490 NEO long-haul truck tractors are to be leased.

KAMAZ-LEASING has been financing the purchase of long-haul truck tractors for ITECO for the third year already. KAMAZTEKHOBUSLUZHIVANIE LLC, a dealer network of KAMAZ PTC (part of Rostec State Corporation), is a supplier under the transaction. Emerald-green KAMAZ vehicles will be delivered to the transport company in the 3rd - 4th quarter of 2017.

ITECO is a corporate customer of the auto giant and one of the largest buyers of new KAMAZ vehicles. It is worth noting that the experts of the automobile plant together with the service department of ITECO had tested the vehicles in operation, and after that introduced some modifications to the new KAMAZ long-haul truck.

The client chose KAMAZ trucks not by chance, but thanks to a competitive price, technical and operational characteristics of the product, as well as preferential state programs and special terms of purchase from the manufacturer.

Today's increased attention to the KAMAZ-5490 NEO truck tractor is due to its technical characteristics and consumer properties. The KAMAZ-5490 was recognized as the best commercial vehicle in Russia in 2014. It is equipped with a comfortable Mercedes-Benz cabin, air conditioning and heated seats, a modified system of KAMAZ chassis. It is powered with a six-cylinder Mercedes-Benz OM457LA engine with a capacity of 428 hp which meets the standards of Euro 5. The Russian truck tractor has the lowest cost in the niche of long-haul vehicles and successfully competes with imported vehicles. The truck is very popular with transport companies, and ITECO is no exception.

KAMAZ Leasing Company developed an individual offer that combined the Big Leasing program (for corporate clients) and the Russian Tractor state program. It should be recalled that, according to the government's decree issued on July 11, 2017, the rate of leasing subsidizing under new programs became higher by 2.5%: the rate of the first payment increased from 10 to 12.5% ​​of the cost of a wheeled vehicle with a fixed limit of 625 thousand rubles per one vehicle. The contract is concluded for a period of 5 years.

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