Chassis KАМАZ - 65111-42

Standard: Euro 4. Колёсная формула: 6х6


65111-6020-46 Spare wheel holder


  • Model
    Auxiliary equipment Power take off (PTO), Towing hitch (depending on specification)
  • Brakes
    Brake lining width, mm 140
    Dimensions: drum Ø, mm 400
    Drive pneumatic
  • Cab
    Configuration day-cab
    Type high or low roof, over the engine (depends on truck configuration)
  • Characteristic of GVW vehicle
    Climbing angle, no less, % 18 (10°)
    Maximum speed, no less, km/h 80
    Outer turning radius between walls, m. 11,3
  • Clutch
    Actuation hydraulic, with pneumatic booster
    Type diaphragm, single-disk, mod. ZF&SACHS MFZ 430
  • Electrical equipment
    Batteries, V/A hour 2х12/190
    Generator, V/W 28/3000
    Voltage, V 24
  • Engine
    Cylinder arrangement and number V-shaped, 8
    Cylinder Ø and piston stroke, mm 120/130
    Degree of compression 17,9
    Engine displacement, L 11,76
    Fuel feed system Common Rail
    Maximum net horsepower, kW (h.p.) 206 (280)
    at crankshaft rotation speed, rpm 1900
    Maximum net torque, Nm (kgfm) 1177 (120)
    at crankshaft rotation speed, rpm 1300
    Model 740.622-280
    Type turbocharged diesel, with aftercooling
  • Final drive
    Ratio 4,98 or 5,43 (depending on specification)
  • Fuel system
    Fuel tank capacity, L 210 or 210+210 or 210+350 (depending on specification)
  • Transfer case
    Control pneumatic
    Type mechanical, two-speed with interlocking differential
  • Transmission
    Control mechanical, remote control
    Gear ratios мод. ZF 9S1310: 1-9,48; 2-6,58; 3-4,68; 4-3,48; 5-2,62; 6-1,89; 7-1,35; 8-1,00; 9-0,75; ЗХ-8,97 мод. KАМАZ-154: 1-7,82-6,38; 2-4,03-3,29; 3-2,50-2,04; 4-1,53-1,25; 5-1,000-0,815; ЗХ-7,38-6,02
    Number of gears 9
  • Weight characteristics and loads
    Chassis curb weight, kg 8625/*8275/**8925 (depending on specification)
    Front axle load, kg 4475/*4275/**4565
    Rear trailer bogie load, kg 4150/*4000/**4360
    Gross combination weight, kg 38200
    Gross trailer weight, kg 13000
    Gross vehicle weight, kg 25200
    Front axle load, kg 6200
    Rear trailer bogie load, kg 19000
    Permissible mass of superstructure with load, kg 16575/*16925/**16275 (depending on specification)
  • Wheels and tyres
    Rim size 7,5-20 or 8,25-22,5(7,5-22,5) (depending on specification)
    Tyre size 11.00 R20 or 11.00 R22,5 (depending on specification)
    Tyre type pneumatic, tube or tubeless-type (depends on truck configuration)
    Wheel type disk wheels
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